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Hi. I’m a screenwriter and novelist who specializes in compelling, edge-of-your-seat tales that dive into the guts of what it means to be human. Always picking at the corners of stories to uncover the whys and wherefores. I do original and adapted screenplays, as well as rewrites, screenplay elevations, and assignments. Way back, I started as a lawyer with a brief career helping people who’d been injured or charged with crimes they swore they didn’t commit. I segued into acting, performing on numerous stages in Toronto, Canada, and in  commercials, small TV roles, short films, corporate videos. Then I married, had a family, and shifted from acting to writing fiction and being a full-time dad. You’ll see the continuing fruits of that transition below. With my kids almost grown, I shifted back into acting on the Vancouver, Canada scene (see that adventure here) and at long last embraced screenwriting in a big way. I feel like a kid in a candy store, except I get to make the candy. Look around. Check it out.




A female insurance adjuster is working late when she gets a visitor from the Vancouver Police Department, but it’s soon clear that neither the cop nor the situation is what it seems.


spec script - available

A top detective is framed for a rape-murder by the abusive brothers he thought he’d left behind forever. And the frame is just the first move in a deadly game of taunts and seduction. With his secrets and new family at risk, it’s time to come out of hiding and stop his brothers once and for all.


spec script - available

A young woman wakes up tied to a cot in a basement and her only escape is past a man who claims the world outside has been incinerated in a nuclear blast. Is he a troubled savior or a cunning psychopath? The end of the world or just the end of her world?

(Based on a novel by Terry Hayman, available June 2016, from Fiero Publishing.)


spec script - available

A drunk angel saves a woman from getting taken by demons, only to find himself fighting both Heaven and Hell to protect her and stop the Apocalypse from happening.


spec script - available

When eight college students are chosen for an experiment where they’re locked in a house and repeatedly gassed with a drug that unlocks their lust and rage, they must figure out why they’re really there before they all kill each other.


spec script - available

A young woman wakes, brain-wiped, in a women’s prison where inmates are killed in secret experiments, but violence starts triggering her memories, skills, and a man’s voice in her head that says she must escape before she remembers too much.

more coming soon!