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Hi. I’m a STORY CREATOR who specializes in compelling, edge-of-your-seat tales that dive into the guts of what it means to be human. Always picking at the corners of stories to uncover the why’s and wherefore’s. I do original and adapted screenplays, as well as rewrites, screenplay elevations, and assignments.

Way back, I started as a lawyer with a brief career helping people who’d been injured or charged with crimes they swore they didn’t commit. I segued into acting, performing on numerous stages in Toronto, Canada, and in  commercials, small TV roles, short films, corporate videos. Then I married, had a family, and shifted from acting to writing fiction and being a full-time dad. You’ll see the continuing fruits of that transition below.

With my kids almost grown, I shifted back into acting on the Vancouver, Canada scene (see that adventure here) and at long last embraced screenwriting in a big way.

I feel like a kid in a candy store, except I get to make the candy. Look around. Check it out.